“2022’s Top 10 Must-Watch Movies on Amazon Prime – Your Ultimate Viewing Guide!”

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Starting our countdown at number 10 is the action-adventure drama, Lost City of Z. This movie tells the true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett, who discovers advanced civilizations that may have inhabited the Amazon. Despite being mocked for his unscientific beliefs, Fawcett embarks on a journey with his wife and son to find proof of his findings. The story is unfinished, as Fawcett and his son disappeared during their expedition in 1925. The movie is a must-watch for history buffs and adventure lovers.

At number nine is Emergency, a thrilling investigation movie about a young girl found unconscious in a home. If you love suspense and mystery, then this movie is for you. For those seeking action and espionage, we recommend The Report. This movie tells the story of a massive murderer who planned 9/11, and the investigation that brought him to justice.

Coming in at number seven is No Time to Die, the final installment in the James Bond franchise, following the exploits of Daniel Craig as James Bond. This action-packed movie takes Bond on a mission to rescue a scientist from a technologically-armed villain.

At number six is One Night in Miami, an Oscar-nominated film that portrays the night when prominent black leaders gathered to reflect on their lives and activism. The movie is an excellent portrayal of black history in a gripping and emotional way.

At number five is Tomorrow War, a sci-fi action thriller where humans must fight an alien invasion. The movie follows a drafted father who joins the fight, only to discover a mind-blowing family secret. With excellent visuals and intense action sequences, this movie is perfect for sci-fi and action lovers.

In the fourth spot is Dune, a movie adaptation of one of the most famous sci-fi novels of all time. The movie tells the story of a young man with a space duke father who must complete a dangerous task on a desert planet. With a star-studded cast and exceptional cinematography, Dune is a must-watch.

In the third spot is A Quiet Place Part 2, a suspenseful thriller about a family trying to survive in a world overrun by sound-sensitive monsters. This movie is perfect for horror and suspense lovers.

In the runner-up position is The Arrival, a sci-fi thriller about an alien invasion. The movie follows a professor leading an investigation to communicate with the extraterrestrial visitors. This movie is perfect for those interested in a realistic alien invasion movie.

Finally, at number one is Train to Busan, a Korean action horror film about a zombie apocalypse. The movie is unique in its focus on a train journey, and the tension it holds until the end is breathtaking. With excellent visual effects and cinematography, Train to Busan is a must-watch for horror and zombie aficionados.

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