“65: A Gripping and Intense Movie – A Review”

Movie “65” – An Uninspired Action Drama

The latest sci-fi action drama film “65” starring Adam Driver fails to deliver on its promise of intrigue and excitement. Director Scott Beck and Bryan Woods did not seem to put in much effort, which is reflected in the uninspired plot.

The movie follows a pilot from another universe hauling a group of people in cryo, who gets hit by an asteroid, and the ship crash-lands on prehistoric Earth, 65 million years ago. The pilot (Adam Driver) and the sole survivor of the crash traverse the dangerous lands of prehistoric Earth to reach safety.

The premise of the film is not bad, but it lacks character attachment and development, which makes the audience care about their plight. The interesting concept of aliens stranded in prehistoric Earth was already revealed in the trailer, which could have been an excellent twist.

The last big monster fight, which appears like a videogame level, lacks imagination and creativity, leaving the audience unfulfilled. The weapon used by the protagonist looks like something out of a videogame, reminding viewers of the lackluster approach to the film.

The film’s 90 minutes feel like 65 million years, as it fails to keep the audience engaged. The potential that the film had on paper was wasted by not exploring ideas in-depth, leaving audiences bored and tired.

Movies like Jurassic Park continue to be fan favorites, and rightfully so because they were classics with fascinating characters, intriguing plots, and great special effects. In contrast, “65” does not live up to its potential and fails to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

In conclusion, “65” is a boring, uninspired action-drama-sci-fi film, lacking the spark that makes movies exciting. Although it had all the makings of a great film, it fails to deliver on its potential, leaving viewers disappointed.

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