“65 Movie Review – Dinosaurs & Adam Driver? This Film Is Mind-Blowing!”

The 65th movie review is in, and it’s all about “65”, a film written and directed by Scott Beck and Brian Woods. Starring Adam Driver as Mills and Ariana Greenblatt as Koa, the film takes us on a deep space exploratory mission where Mills crosses over an unmarked asteroid field, loses half of his cargo and crashes on a planet. The twist? It’s Earth, and Mills must Traverse the land to get to the escape vessel, fighting dinosaurs along the way.

The film has been criticized by many online for its plot and editing, but in this review, the author disagrees. They argue that the film is a decent one, with great dinosaur VFX and a refreshing approach to depicting the creatures as monsters and horror threats.

At the center of the film is Adam Driver’s stellar performance as Mills, a man on a mission to save his sick daughter back on Earth. The author notes that Driver’s background in the armed forces adds to the authenticity of his handling of the gun in the film.

Ariana Greenblatt also impresses as Koa, the impetus for Mills’ journey but also a loyal companion and friend to Mills. The bonding between the two characters serves as a subplot about fatherhood and family.

The music in the film is praised as well, though the author acknowledges that some of it felt out of place at times. Overall, the film is a 90-minute sci-fi romp with dinosaurs that the author would watch again.

Despite acknowledging that the film underwent significant changes during the editing process, the author still found “65” to be a decent film that is unfairly criticized. For those interested in seeing Adam Driver fight dinosaurs and save the day, “65” might be worth a watch.

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