“65 Shades of Fury: An Angry Movie Review”

Welcome to our review of 65, a sci-fi survival film starring Adam Driver. At first glance, the trailer for this movie seemed promising with the popular actor and the mention of dinosaurs. However, upon viewing the film, disappointment quickly set in.

The plot felt contrived with the number of conveniences used to move the story forward. The CGI dinosaurs were not very convincing, and the creatures did not resemble typical depictions of dinosaurs. The best part of the film was Adam Driver’s performance, which was overshadowed by the poorly written plot.

Directed by Scott Beck and Brian Woods, this movie felt like something made-for-Netflix. Unfortunately, it did not live up to expectations, and most of it was boring. The emotional connection between the two main characters, a father and daughter duo, did not resonate well with the audience.

The film starts with Adam Driver’s character going on a two-year journey through space to help his terminally ill daughter. While the opening of the film was well done, the rest of the plot lacked originality and felt forced.

In conclusion, 65 is a forgettable movie that fails to impress. It is not bad enough to be enjoyable as a “so bad, it’s good” movie, and it is not good enough to recommend watching. Spending money on this movie is not worth it, and it would be better to watch something else, such as Creed 3.

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