Abc – Who Can I Turn To? Lyrics

If only i could stand

On my own two feet

Oh honey, then i'd know

Life could be so sweet

Someone to drive

Someone to blame

Someone to rush through my veins

Someone to wash it all away

* who can i turn to now

If not you, tell me

Who can i turn to

If not you

If i could get

What i want for free

Then i wouldn't have to borrow

Take a tranquilliser

From your limousine driver

Before we crash into tomorrow

Someone to love

Someone to hold me

Someone so courageous

Someone to drag me in from the cold

(* repeat 3 times)

Who can i turn to (tell me who)

Who's gonna be there (if not you)

Tell me who (tell me)

Tell me who (tell me)

Tell me who

Tell me who can i turn to

(if not you)

Ooh (tell me who)

You've got to, you've got to

Tell me who

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