Abigor – Utopia Consumed Lyrics

Forgive me father for I've sinned
I am a child of fire and the master of winds
But I'm still wide awake…
Fingers grip out of my brain
No control – my mind is lame
From the earth up to the trees I hear them calling me
The voices which rides on the breeze
Oh, its haunting me – in expectancy for your flesh
But this dream life is the only life –
An everlasting astral dimension
The dream death is the only death –
Total destruction of the soul
Within this astral plane Ill never be the same
Throwing myself at the sky while falling back to the ground
I'm off the earth but no one can hear my painful sound
I open the doors to the other side and step beyond mortality
Trapped in rage – it bursts my veins so feel the pain
I breathe your name
It isn't just a nightscape vision painted in blood
Utopia Consumed!
The dark silhouettes move towards me
As I confess the morbid desire
And I witness all the falling souls consumed

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