Accidental Farmer&CO Song, Music, Singer, Release date, Review

Farming is not an easy job, and that’s what Chella learns in the new series Accidental Farmer & Co. The show, which is now streaming on Sony LIV, showcases the challenges that come with farming and the team that makes it all possible.

The cast and crew of Accidental Farmer & Co. are simply fantastic, and they take the viewers on a ride full of surprises and hard work. The show stars Vaibhav and Ramya Pandian and is produced by Raja Ramamurthy. The creative producer is Balaji Mohan, while the director and writer is Sugan Jay. Sanjay Subashchandran and Vidhya Sukumar are the co-producers, while Vagu Mazan has composed the music for the show. The director of photography is Sathish Murugan, and the editor is M. Niranjan Antony. Kala Master is the choreographer, and Nagu is the costume designer. Guru Prasad N and Nivetha Baskaran are the executive producers, while Arumugam and Keshavan are the production managers. The sound design is by Super Good Studio, while Prajeesh K has done the VFX. Shade69 Studios has handled the DI, and Dharma Chandru and Robin have clicked the still photos. Sivakumar S has designed the posters, while Rekha is the PRO.

The music for Accidental Farmer & Co. is also exceptional, and it adds to the overall essence of the show. Vagu Mazan has composed and arranged the music, and the lyrics are by Vandana Mazan. The song is sung by Vagu Mazan and Vaish, while Vagu Mazan has played the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass. He has also played the guitarlele, ukulele, mandolin, oud, and saz. Raghu, Eraiarasu, and Gowtham Raj are the assistant sound engineers, and the music advisor is Vaish. Vagu Mazan has mixed the song, and Rupendar Venkatesh has mastered it. The song has been recorded, arranged, and mixed at D Studio Chennai, and the music label is Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

In conclusion, Accidental Farmer & Co. is a show that combines great acting, an excellent crew, and beautiful music. It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves a good story of hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventures of Chella and his team by streaming Accidental Farmer & Co. now on Sony LIV.

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