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Agoney Hernández rose Biography

Agoney Hernández rose to prominence after appearing on the talent program and reality show ‘Operación Triunfo’ 2017. He has distinguished himself in Tenerife, a native of Adeje, for his distinctive, crisp, and beautiful timbre of voice, which allows him to dare to sing a wide range of songs.

His entire life has revolved around music since he was six years old. He began playing the trumpet and pursued a Baccalaureate in Performing Arts while continuing his musical studies. She is currently devoted to singing in hotels across the island.

They have a long list of concerts and theatrical productions under their belts, as well as a popular YouTube channel dedicated to uploading cover songs.

He first speculated that he was dating his academy companion, Ricky, but nothing was ever proved, as Ricky was the sixth person to be dismissed. Agoney appeared to be concentrating on another contender, Raoul, at the time. There was a lot of chemistry with him, and they even kissed under the guise of a performance. Raoul, on the other hand, was ejected. Agoney was the last of the contestants to be kicked out in the semifinals. Despite her expulsion, they allowed her to perform in a Eurovision duet because the margin of victory over Ana Guerra was only 0.3 percent.

Outside of the academy, he maintains a close friendship with Nerea, whom he has grown to adore, and the two of them look after each other.

Date of birth: October 18, 1995

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