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Alberto Isla Biography

According to the pink press, Alberto Isla is the father of Chabelita’s kid and Isabel Pantoja’s daughter.

On the same day that Chabelita turned 18, Isabel Pantoja issued a statement announcing that her daughter and her partner, Alberto Isla, were expecting a child. Chabelita’s first lover, Alberto Isla, was still in high school when they met. Alberto Isla has always had a complicated connection with the cordillera. Isabel Pantoja refused to accept her son-in-law, and her daughter did not leave Cantora, despite the couple’s final departure.

In 2014, the new parents made an exclusive announcement about their son’s arrival. They ended their relationship soon after. They were given a new chance, but it did not work out.

Alberto Isla began dating Tech, Kiko Rivera’s ex-girlfriend, after his relationship with Chabelita ended. They married at the end of 2014 but split a few months later amidst a storm of scandal fueled by the ex-interviews partners and mutual allegations.

Following this episode, Alberto Isla joined ‘Women, Men, and Vice Versa’ as a triste. Luisa Kremleva and Gaby, who had already been with Kiko Rivera, had a brief romance as a result.

After announcing his reunion with Chabelita in September of 2017, he returned to the public limelight 2017. They claimed it was merely an amicable relationship for the sake of their son at first. Still, following Chabelita’s divorce from Alejandro Albalá, they were captured on a romantic trip in Paris. The pair have chosen to declare their reunion exclusively once more.

Isabel Pantoja grew enraged as a result of the couple’s reunion. She has chosen to sue Alberto Isla for all of the insults to his honour that the young guy has made in the past on the television sets he has visited.

In the 2018 season of Survivors, he competed as a competitor. Unfortunately, he was the fifth person to be evicted, and he lost all hope of being a winner.


Date of birth: December 12, 1993

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