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Alejandro Albala Biography

Alejandro Albalá rose to prominence after marrying Isa Pantoja. They began dating in 2014. However, there was a brief hiatus because Isabel Pantoja’s daughter felt she was dating her out of curiosity. Alejandro Albalá wanted to demonstrate that this was not the case, so he quit his job as a flight attendant and relocated from Santander to Seville, where the young woman lived.

In 2015, he moved to London with Isa and her son Alberto Isla. After a few months, they finally returned to Spain. Alejandro Albalá did not make any remarks or feed the media during the period. He stayed with her son as the cordillera’s daughter went through ‘Survientes.’ Then Kiko Rivera’s sister informed the show that Alberto had proposed to her, and she had accepted.

Despite Isa’s adultery revelations, they married in October 2016. However, they did not spend Christmas together that year. The divorce proceedings proceeded shortly after that. Alberto Albalá and his mother, Paz Guerra, used the occasion to make loud remarks against her, but it was all for nought when the pair gave themselves a new chance in the new year. The reconciliation, however, did not proceed as planned, and Alejandro Albalá came to the set to chastise her. Isabel Pantoja launched a lawsuit against him in early 2018 for defaming his family.

Later, he began dating Sofa Suescn, a former participant and winner of ‘Big Brother 16’ and a television collaborator. A courtship that continued until they both competed in the inaugural edition of ‘GH DO’ together.

The one from Pamplona planned to stop the relationship as soon as they departed. Alejandro has admitted how he had to abandon him: “He dialled his mother’s number (Maite Galdeano), who informed me. ‘Hey, Alejandrito, what Sofi instructed me to do was to go because she didn’t want to see you, and that’s it; it’s over.’ “…

Albalá is currently back in the eye of the cyclone after joining with ‘Survivors 2021.’


Date of birth: October 27, 1994


Chabelita, an ex-girlfriend

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