Alex Lequio Jr Biography , Age , Family

Alex Lequio Jr Biography

On May 13, Alejandro Alfonso Lequio Jr., also known as lex, died at 27. He was the only son in common of Alessandro Lequio and Ana Obregón. The young guy could not beat cancer after fighting it for more than twenty-four months, the last of which he was hospitalised to the Quirón Clinic in Barcelona.

Lequio had grown up in the spotlight as an entrepreneur who was cheerful, optimistic, and hardworking. The only son of the presenter and collaborator has been famous from birth, and his first steps have taken over the pages of publications. His public spats with the press ushered in a new era while also taking a personal toll.

He keeps a close watch on his mother and has a wonderful bond with his father throughout his life. Despite their separation, Lex keeps in touch with Alessandro Lequio at all times. Also, over time, with his brother Clemente, son of Antonia Dell’Atte and the television collaborator.

In 2016, she met her last lover, Francisca González, after spending two years with Cristina Uceda. He shared his life with not only her but also his job since it was one of the company’s most important foundations and excellent personal support. The young woman got along swimmingly with Ana Obregón and was well-liked by all of Lex’s family.

Lex began a difficult struggle against cancer in 2018 when he was diagnosed with a tumour. With his mother, he first set up shop in New York, then in Madrid and Barcelona. The young man joined the Quirón Clinic in Barcelona in early 2020, where he died on May 13.


Date of birth: June 23, 1992

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