Alfred Garca Biography , Facts , Album

Alfred Garca Biography

The fourth finalist for ‘OT 2017’ was Alfred Garca. He is a singer from El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, who rose to prominence after appearing on the telenovela ‘OT Operación Triunfo’ in 2017. Even though he failed in another talent contest, this one on Antena 3, ‘La Voz,’ his time at OT Operación Triunfo has been a huge success. His career as a musician, on the other hand, had already begun to take shape before he participated in the well-known Gestmusic format.

The 20-year-old, who is studying audiovisual communication with a focus on cinema, has stood out for his voice and his charisma and friendship with his Academy partner, Amaia. He has a big heart and is well-known for his desire to serve others.

He is a composer, curator, and instrumentalist at the age of twenty. He has been playing the trombone and singing since he was seven years old, and he has also trained himself to play the guitar, drums, and keyboard. He is currently a student at the Taller de Msics de Barcelona, studying jazz and modern music. He has three self-released albums to his credit as a result of his long career.

Alfred was the fourth finalist for ‘Operación Triunfo 2017’, despite not making the podium. He did, however, manage to be Amaia’s Eurovision 2018 representative with ‘Your song.’ The couple has grown closer during the competition, and they have a lovely connection outside of it.

The album’s title is ‘1016,’ and the Catalan issued it. His breakup with Amaia was a stumbling block, but they are both celebrating the success of their musical careers.

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