barron – nothing heals lyrics


and we’ve come to the end of the road
we’ve arrived once again
in a circle we go round and round
never moving ahead
always looking back at what is done
to lay the blame
to avoid responsibility
and embrace hate

why have i come back again?
when i’m only pushed away
there is nothing for me here
but this stream of hate and pain
it’s all i feel anymore
this anger consumes me
constant internal war
the grudge runs deep

the more i feel
the more i want to k!ll
to take your eyes
and now i will
consumed by hate
filled with rage
nothing heals
i cannot feel
there was a time i felt love
but you took it all away
now all i feel for you
is uncontrollable hate
everyday i wish you were dead
and would burn in h+ll
allow me the honor, dear
i’ll do it myself

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