bart farrell – bart farrell raps for evan chan lyrics


like evan chan
like seven hands
or a lesson plan
this aggression stands
no it won’t man
that’s a lebo scam
like debo hittin keynotes
cuz punk that’s my bike
open source databases
gonna set you squares right
rows and columns
ghosts and golems
we’ve all got our precious
bless us it’s solemn
like henry rollins
swear to the tell the truth
about pushing data
straight into k8s
slugs that’s trey 8 hugs
bananas that’s clips
on fake plates fates quake
when my pen shakes
waits like tom psalms
or matthew 25 pay it
forward spin your cd+roms
booting reusing
your distributed tooling
filo not in a silo
replicatеd hdfs schooling
cuz he who lives by the sword
shall diе by it
impaled by fallacies
horizontally scaled a galaxy
of callous seeds
to balance thee

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