ethel cain – room 209 lyrics

i know you better now than i ever have before i know you better now that our clothes are on the floor and i had started shaking when you walked in through the door but i’m not scared anymore, i’m not scared anymore and i’ve never felt more alone with your arms around my shoulders … Read more

lirik lagu krai defo – полшага

lirik lagu krai defo – полшага приглушенные тенью подъезды разбавятся звуками лифта прозвучит пара слов бесполезных и участится наш сердечный ритм одна попытка обнять и проститься но мы не знаем, с чего бы начать ты начинаешь со слез на ресницах я продолжаю все так же молчать мы отправляем снова тысячи слов в наши души чтобы … Read more

lirik lagu pavement – so stark (live 1992)

Putar Video Klip Loading… i’ve been waiting here for oh so longi’ve been waiting here for oh so long this is lifeand it’s flatand it’s threeand it’s fourit’s lifeand it’s flatand it’s sixand it’s eight times she’s a real debutanteshe’ll never fallwaves for the taxi of room~service calli’ve been with viceroysand i’ve been with kingsin your emporiumit’s gold inlaid … Read more

trousdale – always, joni lyrics

Play Music Video Loading… (joni, joni, joni) [verse 1]i heard you’ve been finebut i cry all the time’cause all i want is a case of youwith a little green california viewyou’re telling me i’m gonna be alright but i’m not, oh [chorus]joni, why you gotta break my heart all over again?joni, i gotta get over … Read more

q-vayn – fate [bonus track] lyrics

Play Music Video Loading… [hook]darker shades, darker laneno fugeyzi, andalédarker shades, darker laneanother day, don’t forget to pray [verse 1]sometimes i just feel like i don’t ventilatewhen we feelin’ bad, we bow down and praydon’t mess with the gang, shooters heavyweightstacks on top of stacks, what we generate racks on top of racks, keep the … Read more

lirik lagu krtina – vrti

Putar Video Klip Loading… [tekst pesme “vrti”] [uvod]krtina, krtina, ukrtina, krtina, ukrtina, krtina, uje li to muking na bitu?mala vrti dupe kada igranije fina je, voli kriminalkaže loži je brzinasvuda hoće da je ima, voli topove da rivako ga vipra, taj ga lipato je nebitno, svakako ga dimpra (skrr)moja kitra uvek kidaova riba ima dupe … Read more

lirik lagu ra-trek – devil’s time

Putar Video Klip Loading… [chorus x2]i woke up in devil’s timeh~ll flame was in my eyesall fears were in my mindin this moment i just wanna die[verse]i remember the begginingthis was started from a dreami come to hallway and thinkthere’s a transparent devili started to grimace himi thought he went awayand go to the place, … Read more