cxsoler – bubba’s world lyrics

cxsoler – bubba’s world lyrics

[larrs, cxsoler, jboy]
bubbas world x13

bubbas this bubbas that
bubbas fat
look at bubbas twitch chat

yea yea
bubba bubba

what you talking about a bubba’s state of mind
bubba leaving us and tossing up the twitch game got me feeling like a crime
leaving tfue in the throne
you can call always, your home

come back to live press the live
i’ve been watching bubba since i was 25
now all we have are these silly archives
now all i’ve got is bubba on my drive
i can’t believe that bubba’s not alive

[georgia boy]
without you is like one without two
my world’s so empty what shall i do
those streams i remember that
all that time i spent in chat
all that time i won’t get back (time i won’t get back)
sematary dig you up
bubba man yo whats up
made me cry what the f+ck
come and hit me with a truck

yeah, yeah
theres no bubba in this world
when bubba left this world
why did bubba have to die
now i really really cry
bubba why’d you leave your world
bubba my head spins and twirls
bubba why’d you have to die
bubba i just wanna cry

bubba you were my idol
now you’re dead like a dead lightbulb
fl!ck a switch and playback time
bubba why’d you have to go and make me cry
why’d you make cry

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