damien – dead asf lyrics



blow my brains out then you’re doing me a favor
gouge my eyes and sign your name up on the razor
i took 10 lines i might just die
but i’m fine cause i’m already dead as f+ck
when i was alive, i never tried
i got by with whatever and life just sucks
now i’m dead asf, (i’m dead asf, i’m dead asf)
but life still sucks
cause i’m dead asf
but life still sucks

i got high in the bathroom
red eyes and my fake id
red ink on my tattoo
red wine on my plain white tee’s
oh sh+t, i never really noticed that stain
no chain on my neck but it’s slit it’s lit
in the club i’m not jumping
head is kinda thumping
so imma pop some pills maybe xanny bars or something
cops was in my sh+t but i will not admit to nothing
imma plead the 5th, you know the world is still corrupting
it’s f+cked, but i’m f+cked so i don’t really care
i’m probably gonna dye my hair the color red
so you don’t see the f+cking blood when i put bullets in my head
or maybe i’ll just cut it off and draw a circle there instead
and when i shoot the f+cking circle i could watch it f+cking spread
so i can take it to my grave so then the grave will be my bed
im dead asf
now im dead asf
but life still sucks
cause im dead asf
but life still sucks

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