daniel proper-yates – wifey lyrics

daniel proper-yates – wifey lyrics

lyrics from the snippet

[verse 1: daniel proper+yates]
who i [?]? stars i’ve been thinking’ ’bout
fast, we off this far
if you was so good when i came through
how’d you deal with that ?
wishin’ that you wake up on a moonlight
i can’t try that when i’m all [?] the right time
[?] when you sober, think of places we could have some fun

[verse 2: lil mosey]
i think you don’t want that
small [?] break like the sunlight
and i think that i [?], ’cause no one can teach you in summer
now you say “don’t i feel special?”
have s+x when we [?] than our [?]
i be getting on your nerves, i know i text you
and i think you say you love me, but is that true?

[verse 3: daniel proper+yates]
i just hope that we get married in the futurе
[?] a potion, you call me [?]
[?] they be right, in our [?] own world
you know we gotta hеar that, baby
ride ’round, stop flex, tryna get it to you
i know this a [?] since i first got to you
[?] you don’t mean sh+t to me
i be thinking ’bout you, thinking ’bout your momma, huh+uh

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