Dark Angel Lyrics – Iann Dior

Dark Angel lyrics by Iann Dior from the English album On To Better Things (2022). Dark Angel Song lyrics written by Andrew Luce, KBeaZy, Iann Dior and produced by Andrew Luce, KBeaZy. It was released on 21st January, 2022.

Cast & Crew:

Album: On To Better Things (2022)
Singer: Iann Dior
Produced By: Andrew Luce, KBeaZy
Written By: Andrew Luce, KBeaZy, ​Iann Dior

Dark Angel Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I Made A Deal With A Dark Little Angel
Gave Me Fortune For My Soul
Welcome To My Twisted Fantasy
This Is What I Call My Home

I’m Home, Never-Ending
Listen To My Wicked Tongue
The Darkness Surrounding
I Could Feel It Take Control

[Verse 2]
I Know It’s Not Smart
And Now It’s Bad Enough That
I’m A Punk With A Twisted Brain
I’ll Die A Rockstar Like Marilyn Monroe
I’m Feeling Bad For The Damage
When The Deed Is Done
It’s Close, I Taste It
I’m Ready To Take Over
I Get Impatient
A Sickness I Can’t Control

Official Music Video:

“Dark Angel” was sung by whom?

‘Iann Dior’ sings “Dark Angel”.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Dark Angel”?

The lyrics for the song “Dark Angel” were written by Andrew Luce, KBeaZy, and Iann Dior.

Who composed the music for “Dark Angel”?

“Andrew Luce, KBeaZy” composed the music for “Dark Angel”.

When was “Dark Angel” released?

“Dark Angel” song was released on “21st January, 2022”.

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