denise chaila – out the gaff lyrics


[intro + denise chaila and sorcha richardson]
we’re better, we’re better
you’re mad cause we are better
than you, than you, than you, than you
than you!

[god knows]
we told em we badder than the rest of them
watch out now
extra terrestrial, alien
the likes you never heard before
the herbivore, the friendly force
who changed the course with no remorse
you’ve heard reports, comin of course
i carry the torch
i’m heavily involved you see know
i spill the tea now
you don’t wait
i sing with d now
way up, stay up
every time we link up, drink up
no lookin at you kid
i’m movin spicy i’m the vindaloo kid
even my demons are screaming
gk you’re goin
nono you don’t wanna miss it
brotha we are revvin the engine
used to be a misfit, now i miss being fit
with my lockdown belly
so happy that i
[chorus + murli]
made it out the gaff i guess i’m free now
demons on the corner, think i’ll turn around
when i try to talk they wanna shut me down
but i promise it won’t ever be the same no more

[sorcha richardson]
took a trip up mary lane[?]
nothin ever was the same
not challay not challaw
might chalala change the game
i watched on my television
paintings in the gallery
god knows lookin down the lens
i was glued to my tv
[?] was a sleeping city
we could sing a lullaby
i was dreaming every night
movie clip of you and i
murli told me he would hold me up if i got nervous
and i don’t want to f+ck it up


[denise chaila]
i+i+i+i came to burn it down
just give me the kingdom, i don’t need a crown
i’ll give you the blueprint, you can write this down
look me in my eyes honey, i’m the captain now
your producer won’t save you
your fashion won’t save you
stick to paid purview
this is my purview
i came to serve you a life sentence
and if you feel a way, you should go and pick a pen up
trust me, anyone can be managing this
you are not controlling the damage or setting the standard
if you got an issue you can write me up
if seeing you means believing i’ll take success
and if you want me to stop you can pay me for my silence
you can pay me for my silence
you can pay me for my silence
if you want me to stop you can pay me for my silence

[intro x 2]

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