Disney Twisted-Wonderland – Twisted Tsumderland Song, Music, Singer, Release date, Review

Tsums are falling onto Twisted-Wonderland! The popular game has just announced a new event called ‘Twisted Tsumderland,’ which will be available until March 26th, 2023. Players are excited to participate in this event to unlock new cards and furniture for their Guest Room.

To keep R Jack, Epel and Sebek (Tsumsitter) cards permanently, players must complete all limited-time stories and fulfill the requirements. These cards feature some of the most beloved characters in the game, making their acquisition a top priority for fans.

The event will also unlock limited furniture for players to decorate their Guest Room with. This new furniture will add to the wide range of customization options already available in the game.

“Disney Twisted-Wonderland” fans can check out more information about the event on the game’s social media pages. The official Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/twst.english/. You can also follow the game on Twitter at https://twitter.com/twst_english/, or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/twst_english/.

Make sure to use the hashtags #twistedwonderland, #twsten, and #twistedtsunderland when posting about the event to join in on the conversation with other fans! Don’t miss out on the Twisted Tsumderland event and all the fun it has to offer in “Disney Twisted-Wonderland.”

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