el tayepac – covid flow lyrics

el tayepac – covid flow lyrics

had to cut off
my patna
he move like a junkie
can’t let that become me
can’t keep you around
you don’t make you
no money
n+gga leave me in the jungle
guarantee i come out
that hoe
rocking a monkey
this for my fans only
know i’m making the music
for n+ggas counting money
we don’t come
from no trust fund
how the f+ck
you a street n+gga
you ain’t touch nothing
every picture he got a gun
but we know
bout that n+gga
h+ll nah
he ain’t bust none
oh that’s yo brother
he told some
and you still dap
him down
how the f+ck
you condone him
we the type that
stay solid
do the time
if the crime
equal safe deposits
stay gq
cause the state watching
they got me by the nuts
but they can’t profit
f+ck tryna be different
i need different dollars
oh we speaking now
i ain’t get the memo shawty
kick a b+tch out
fifteen minutes
you get to stepping
i do the walking
b+tch i’m too cold
getting rid of tommies
had to blame it on covid
why i’m ducking shawty
had to blame it on covid
why i’m ducking shawty
had to blame it on
better ask ya b+tch about me

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