Heaven Sings Lyrics – Bladee & Ecco2k

From English Album Crest (2022) – Heaven Sings Lyrics by Bladee & Ecco2k. The latest Heaven Sings Song lyrics are written by Bladee, Whitearmor, Ecco2k and produced by Whitearmor. The video was released on 18th March, 2022.

Cast & Crew:

Album: Crest (2022)
Singer: Bladee, Ecco2k
Produced By: Whitearmor
Written By: Bladee, Whitearmor, Ecco2k

Heaven Sings Lyrics

[Intro: Ecco2k]

[Verse 1: Bladee]
Here, Come True (Come True)
My Signs (Signs)
See My Stars Coming Down
Me, I Dream Of Life
Have That Dream Every Night
Smile And Frown Up And Down Laugh
And Cry In Black And White
I Chase The Light
Betlehem Come Again, Rich In A Sense
Blessed And Golden
Truly Gifted I Am
Glow Forever, Diamonds And Pearls
Heaven Sings A Black Diamond Falls Down
May It Be, Become Real
Rainbow At My Dawn Confess My Song
Quiet Screams For My Queen

[Verse 2: Ecco2k]
I’m Honest
I Know You Hear It
Sacrificial, Sacrificial
I Feel It
Sugar, Superstition
Is It Superficial?
I Feel It
Sacrificial, Sacrificial

Official Music Video:

Who sang “Heaven Sings”?

Bladee, Ecco2k sings “Heaven Sings”.

Who wrote the lyrics to “Heaven Sings?”?

The lyrics for the song “Heaven Sings” were written by Bladee, Whitearmor, and Ecco2k.

Who wrote the music of “Heaven Sings”?

The song “Heaven Sings” was composed by “Whitearmor”.

When was “Heaven Sings” released?

Release date of “Heaven Sings” song is “18th March, 2022”.

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