Lahu Di Awaaz Lyrics in English | With Translation | Simiran Kaur Dhadli

Meri Supne De Wich Aiyan Raati Kudiyan Ji

In my dream last night, I was visited by a few girls.

Jaape Kol Mere Jiven Aake Oh Kujh Mangdiyan Ne

They seemed to be asking for something from me.

Paaye Suit Bootiyan Wale Gal Wich Chunniyan Si

They were dressed in traditional Punjabi attire with embroidery, as well as Dupattas.

Vekh Ke Veera Aunda Neevi Paake Langdiyan Ne

They look down and move away when they see a brother passing by.

Thonnu Aakheya Si Mudd Ayo Oh Pehla Hanere Ton

You were instructed to return before it got dark.

Thonnu Aakheya Si Mudd Ayeo Oh Pehla Hnere To

You were told to return before it got dark.

Bapu Puch Reha Eh Na Kudiyan Aggon Khangdiyan Ne

Father inquires as to the reason for their late arrival, but they do not appear to be arguing.

Bas Ainni Si Kahani Meri Akh Khul Gayi

That was the end of it, and I awoke.

Main Kithe Kede Desh Ch Phirdi Si Bhool Gayi

I had completely forgotten where I was.

Asli Zindgi De Naal Saamna Hoya Pher Mera

Then I came across real life,

Jithe Supne Wali Sadgi Pairan Wich Rul Gayi

where the simplicity from the dream was crushed beneath my feet.

Mera Waheguru Kar Mehar

Please, almighty God, shower us with your blessings.

Kidhar Nu Tur Peya Ae Sansar

Where is the world going?

Banne Hath Main Tere Muhre

I pray to you with my hands clasped together.

Aake Aklan Nu Hath Maar

Please give it some thought.

Mera Dil Dukhda Ae Dekh Ke Teri Duniya Nu

Seeing your world hurts my heart.

Mainu Lagge Dimagi Taur Te Ajj Kal Kudiyan Ne Bimar

I believe that today’s girls are mentally ill,

Jo Mashoor Hon Layi Leede Laundiyan Firdiyan Ne

because they take off their clothes to become famous.

Jo Mashoor Hon Layi Leede Laundiyan Firdiyan Ne

Those who remove their clothes solely to become famous.

Lag Gaye Hath Kanna Nu Rabba Kalyug Kaisi Payi Maar

I’m sorry for how ‘Kalyug’ (the age of darkness) has struck this world.

Kalyug Kaisi Payi Maar

How badly the age of darkness has struck this world!

Waddi Feminist Khave

You are a self-proclaimed feminist.

Meri Kalam Sajaondi Aksar Changiyan De Kirdaar

My pen is always praising the character of good girls.

Waddi Feminist Khave Aake Mil Mainu Ik Vaar

Why don’t you come and see me once if you call yourself a feminist?


Mera Dawa Lag Ju Jeeb Talwe Naal Teri

I am confident that you will learn your lesson.

Tera Butha DasseTu Ni Mere Ik Rakhde Di Maar

Your face says you won’t take a single blow from me.

Marja Doob Ke

Oh doomed one, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Marja Doob Ke Jism Dikha Ke Paise Wattdi Ae

You should be ashamed of yourself for flaunting your body in public.

Tere Wargiyan Nu Punjabi De Wich Kehnde Ne Badkar

In Punjabi, people like you are referred to as ‘wicked’ and ‘immoral.’

Haan Haan Kehnde Ne Badkar

Yes, it is referred to as ‘wicked.’

Bilkul Kehnde Ne Badkar

It is true that it is referred to as ‘immoral.’

Vekh Tu Jatt Di Dhee Da Rutba

Look at my authority; I am the proud daughter of a proud father.

Jithe Add Ja Pa Daa Gaa

The disaster begins where I stand.

Jite Nigaah Kehar Di Paije

One who I look at angrily,

Lai Ni Sakda Saukha Saah

he won’t be able to live in comfort thereafter.

Pinjre Sone De Chakchondh Heereyan Di Paun Aaye

Many people arrived with golden cages. They also brought diamonds and jewels with them.

Bade Shikari Karke Mode Main Taan Minto Mint Tabah

I devastated all of those hunters and forced them to return.

Behke Dushman Vi Karde Ne Sifatn Mehfilan Ch

Even in the presence of my adversaries, I am praised.

Behke Dushman Vi Karde Ne Sifatn Mehfilan Ch

I am praised even in the gatherings of my enemies.

Jatti Khai Payi Ae Oh Jatti Khai Payi Ae

Simiran Taan Khayi Payi Ae Ankha De Bai Vaah

They compliment me on my self-esteem.

Kukh’an Rahiyan Hi Ni Jehdiyan Jamman Baag Marje Aulad

There are no more wombs capable of producing brave men capable of killing tigers with their bare hands.

Vairi Khush Hunde Ne Dekh Ke Saddiyan Nasalan Ne Barbaad

Our adversaries take pleasure in seeing our generations fail and fall apart.

Ajj Kal Ankha Madkaan Ruldiyan Firdiyann Reel’an Te

On social media platforms nowadays, pride, self-esteem, and respect are all forgotten.

Hundi Disse Numaish Anga Di Te Janta Lawe Sawad

The clear display of body parts is widespread, and viewers enjoy watching such content.

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