“Lemon Tree”: All Colors and Fools Garden Conjure Up a New Version of the Hit

The song ” Lemon Tree ” is familiar to almost everyone.

DJ Alle Farben has dared to hit the big hit and created a new version together with 

Fools Garden. We have single and lyrics for you! 

Nobody would have expected this remake of the famous song “Lemon Tree.” DJ Alle Farben is known for its unforgettable party anthems. On January 8, 2021, he released the new version of the 

25-year-old hit. The band Fools Garden, who released this pop song precisely 25 years ago, is also involved in the new version. 

There isn’t a party that doesn’t have “Lemon Tree.” In 1995 the single was released. 

No other song by the German band from Pforzheim was able to build on the outstanding success. This is why Fools 

Garden is often referred to as a “one-hit-wonder.” Not much has been tweaked on the original version. The new party single has a faster beat and makes you want to party. Be sure to listen to “Lemon Tree” by Alle Farben 

& Fools Garden!

“Lemon Tree” – Das Audio-Video Zum Song:

To the lyrics for “Lemon Tree” by Fools Garden

The German DJ and music producer Alle Farben has once again proven his ability. In addition to “Lemon Tree.” 

, the 35-year-old has already dared to play other big hits. These include ” 

Supergirl ” from 

Reamonn and ” 

Kids ” from 

MGMT. His creations also brought him great success 

. Not to be forgotten are the hits.” 

Little Hollywood ” with Janieck, ” 

She Moves ” with Graham Candy and many more. From the deep-, techno-house scene, all colors are here to stay.

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