leo iv – adore you lyrics



you know that i never needed more
walking out that door
funny how i’m laying here, crying on the floor
walking and i call you on the phone, you cl!ck ignore
how the f+ck it goes like this lil baby, i adore you
and it’s something i can’t speak about you
you my light inside the dark i love you
but it’s hard for me to tell you all the time
i’ve been f+cking up i’m doing all these lines
now you know me i’ll be here just wasting time
if these drugs don’t take me, my stars could align
but i know i’m here living in a lie
look inside the mirror nothing herе and i despise, me
need you hеre and not my family
i just whipped out in a camry
pretty soon it’ll be a bentley, i promise that
there’s no one else i wanted that with

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