Lim Na Young – Not Just Friends (Twenty HAcker OST Part 1)

All of my moments of thinking of you
(They made me so happy, that was enough for me)
Your beautiful face as you looked at me
(Was so precious to me)
So I smile whenever I look at you

I didn’t really know how I felt
But slowly, I’m pretty sure

I don’t wanna hide it anymore
Me liking you

Cause We are not just friends, to me
I’m scared but I don’t wanna hold it in any longer

Cause We are not just friends, to me
Now, I wanna slowly
(Go to you, hold my hand)
take take my hand
take take my hand
(cause it took a long time
cause it took a long time, oh baby)

When I think of you, without even knowing
I feel something strange, my heart starts to pound
Do you remember all of our moments?
If you take them out one by one
So much time has passed

We were so beautiful
And I miss that all day

I wish you would stay by my side
I feel that you are my person

take my hand stay with me
I remember how you looked at me when you held me
take my hand stay with me
I can’t wait any longer

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