lirik lagu el bandito – the choice


you say i got a choice on how quick or slow i die
i’m already there, how could you cope with my life?
keep throwing fists, tryna demonstrate ya lies
i done been through worse so i laugh as you try
when considering the other side, i start to realize
the past can’t bring them back no matter how i try
when i finally see you, i will let you know why
i live in the moment even when we say goodbye
then suddenly a moment of clarity arrives
i am barely awake but still conscious at the time
enduring this struggle, but i know that i’m tied, up
love to see me suffer, guess you feeling satisfied?
reflection of the self~hatred bleeding from the man
empowering the monster inside me, that i am
“keep throwing ya hits big shot, here i am…
this what makes you hot? this what turns you on?”
i spit blood out, i got 4 liters left
are you getting tired, then why you need to rest?
intuition whisper: pay attention to reactions
observe every move, you will know when it happens
he slowly walks towards me, about to set the tone
to finish me off, because i refuse to atone
tryna keep me fully awake so he’ll enjoy the ride
staring me into my eyes, the moment i rise

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