lirik lagu kankan – woosah freestyle

lirik lagu kankan – woosah freestyle

(oh my god jay)
i’m in the o lil’ n~gga and i’m rollin’ za, uh, yeah
back in the o and i’ve been on rollin’ za, uh(marco did you make this?)
n~gga i’m rollin’ za uh, uh~huh(oh my god tory i love~)

[verse 1]
b~tch i’m back in the o and i’m rollin’ za uh
h~ll nah you ain’t gang, boy you is not us uh, uh
yall lil’ n~gga playing n~gga plot, uh
n~gga tryna plot, they tryna plot on us, uh
n~gga tryna take us down, ain’t planned on it
paying on my downfall, they praying on it, uh
i got racks up, b~tch i’m where all yeah, i be on it
h~ll cat n~gga i’m fast, yeah yeah we in it, aye, uh~huh
i’m in the o and i’m rollin’ up gas lil’ n~gga, yeah, hey
i’m in the o and i’m smokin’ on a pack lil’ n~gga uh, uh
n~gga got burned, too bad lil’ n~gga uh, uh
talk us about a pack or sum, green bag wait uh
it’s still there lil’ n~gga gotta go get your k uh, uh, huh
n~ggas ain’t be there, these n~ggas gotta be g~y uh, uh
n~ggas they props, these n~ggas wanna be slay uh, uh, huh

[verse 2]
i’m in the o with a new ho, that’s your b~tch i’m sorry, yeah it’s cool though uh
hеll nah, you ain’t gang, we ain’t cool bro
i’m in l.a smoking on that cujo uh~huh
it’s that coup pack lil’ n~gga aye, took your ho come gеt it back lil’ n~gga huh, huh
i’m in l.a cause i gotta get a bag lil’ n~gga uh~huh, uh~huh, uh~huh
i can show you how to get a bag ho, i’m in my glo fit, just like sosa, on your ass though
and i’m on my glo sh~t yeah, oh wait n~gga yeah that’s your b~tch yeah, uh

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