lirik lagu sami seal – frosty


f~ck this sh~t, yo
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
look, um
i’m cool, i’m chill, i’m frosty
(i’m cool, i am, hey)

[verse 1]
the little red dress that you bought me
fits a little better since you lost me
and it didn’t matter what the cards be
you were the ace
runnin’ games like you’re rothstein
i tried to figure out the root like ginger
we were chillin’ in the kitchen sipping vino with your n~ggas
and i thought that i was falling, guess that i was only tripping
‘cause it went from “girl, i love you” to now “i ain’t f~ckin’ with ya”
so now wе got a — a competition
to see who winnin’
at faking grinnin’, openly sinnin’
acting indifferеnt
i’m steady pulling n~ggas
and you flirting, commenting under pictures of other women
and, i ain’t want to get petty
so, i let it go like it didn’t affect me
but, um, that sh~t hurt me heavy
you had said your 20/20’s were made for me and steady
i know that we weren’t
but every time you wave like a current
i can feel that sh~t fa’rell
way the lines’ll be blurring
i’m on thin ice
learning how to skate with my blades untied
but i’m cool
i’m frosty
just remember when you lost me
yeah, i’m cool
i’m frosty
just remember when you lost me
(i’m cool, i am, ayy)

[verse 2]
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
you really need to slow your roll
let’s not forget who chose to go
you chose to grow
i pour some more
you just can’t come around now to say you’re worried about me
where was that when you clowned me?
you said you see the liquor that i’m drowning
but baby boy i was ‘ready lost when you found me
okay? (okay)
you go away
and so i stay
wishing i had told you what i hoped to say
instead of faking
and falling into the stages
of all this ambiguous dating
plaguing our generation
it’s crazy
we be so scared of losing
we rather keep bruising the fruit
instead of enjoying the juices
i had a full cup for you
but you only drank half (yeah)
you only drank half
now i don’t know which way to look at the glass (d~mn)
but i’m cool
i’m frosty
just remember when you lost me
yeah, i’m cool
i’m frosty
just remember when you lost me
(i’m cool, i am, ayy)

[verse 3]
so now i’m feeling left out
like a stepchild
blue, like the bottom of a flame
living in exile
thinking of you before i x~out
let me just, um, cl!ck
your new twitpic
to see you gripping three thick chicks
one give you kiss
the caption is:
“we lit like bic, which should i hit?”
well, sh~t
man, f~ck it then
i’ma get dressed and go out with some other friends (yeah)
they say that nothing ends
that’s about the time that i thought about my other friend (yeah)
who been tryna get with me (yeah)
he been tryna get with me
and he got a penthouse
overlooking the city (yeah)
overlooking the city
and i ain’t sayin’ that i seen it
but the view was real pretty (yeah)
that sh~t was real pretty
we went inside when it got frosty (yeah)
spent the night talking (yeah)
and that’s when you lost me (yeah)
i wore the dress that you bought me (yeah)

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