lirik lagu tokenblackygoguy – stopping messing up my order


[intro: token black & omarcameup]
aye! (aye!)
hol’ up! (hol’ up!)
they f~cked my order up and i’m p~ssed about it (omar, knock that sh~t off, knock that sh~t off)

[chorus: token black]
token got the money, never change, n~gga
you the reason that you ain’t doin’ yo’ thing, n~gga
look around and you the one you need to blame, n~gga

[pre~verse 1: token black]
aye (hol’ up, aye! aye!)

[verse 1: token black]
ain’t color~coded for the green, i got red up in my eyes
yeah, i smoke a lot of green, i got red up in my eyes (i got red up in my eyes)
n~ggas backstabbin’, they be deadly with a knife
now they wanna’ talk, but i’m ready for the lies (i don’t wanna’ talk)
token had the weed, i was steady gettin’ high
slow my mind down, i think better with some time (aye)
n~ggas talk sh~t, like they better than me, right?
nani t~f is the best, y’all ain’t ready, but i’m right (yes sir!)
token is the best, y’all ain’t ready, but i’m right (yes sir!)
all my n~ggas said it, but you ain’t one to believe ’em
now we talk money, you come in? we be leavin’
he said he at the top, but at the bottom when i see him (yeah!)
n~ggas big cap, like [?] (yeah!)
n~ggas big cap, can’t give another chance ’cause i did that (nope)
n~ggas lookin’ at my heart, it was pitch black, it was pitch black (aye)
[pre~verse 2: token black]
yeah (aye)

[verse 2: token black]
n~ggas really want my spot, but they ain’t done enough (aye)
n~ggas really had the bag, but they f~cked it up (aye)
elevator broke, cool! i’mma run it up, i’mma run it up
i’mma run it up, to the same spot (i’mma run it up)
couldn’t find me, i was chillin’ at the gamelot
made money in the stocks, shout~out gamestop
n~ggas talked sh~t, i got mad, then the game locked up
yeah, now the game locked up (yeah)
and i got the only key for it (and i got the only for it)
yeah, i got the only key for it (aye)
token black, n~ggas didn’t know we beef for it (aye, aye, aye, hol’ up)
if my man can’t eat, we don’t eat for him
if he comin’ to the table, there’s a seat for him
i been runnin’, it’s so long, then my feet f~cked up

[pre~verse 3: token black]
aye (sh~t!)

[verse 3: token black]
did it really happen at the right time?
i don’t think it happened at the right time
dialga said, “it’s cool, it’s the right time” (yeah)
i was makin’ money at the flight line
now i got bars and i write mine
i was on the wave like high tide
i was really up in the nighttime
i was on i~g and my phone died
i was on i~g, get the phone out (yeah)
i was really jaden smith, i was zoned out
gotta’ get the credit up, get the loan out
n~ggas think they talkin’ money, but it don’t count, nah (nah)
[outro: token black]
yeah, yeah
ig live 2, b~tch!
they f~cked up my chipotle order, and i’m p~ssed about it!
i’m tired of thi~, no, no~no, bring the beat back
i’m tired of this sh~t!
they keep f~ckin’ up my chipotle order, and it’s on, the~, it’s on the foil!
it’s on the foil! it says the order! (it really is, it did, though)
how do you keep f~cking it up?!
ig live 2, man

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