Lo & Leduc Are Back With Their Single “Tribut”

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Lo & Leduc report a new one after a long time

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to you! 

The Swiss dialect pop duo Lo & Leduc had their big breakthrough in 2018 with the hit single “079”.

This song topped the charts in Switzerland for weeks. The

Single heard up and down. Even if the Swiss dialect is not that easy to understand at first glance

is, the song has shown great catchy tune potential. 

Lately, it has been relatively quiet about the duo from Bern. The joy was all the greater than the two musicians

released their brand new single “Tribut” on November 20th, 2020. The song pays homage to the songs that

Love and old memories. The fact is that the lyrics to “Tribut” get very nostalgic. 2020 wasn’t an easy one

Year, not even for the music industry. With “Tribut” Lo & Leduc wanted to honor good music. 

The Swiss duo got prominent support for the production of the new single. With on

Board is the producer team

Jugglerz. These already have


RAF Camora and

Azet worked and provided one or two hits. If

the new single “Tribut” is just as successful as “079,” it remains exciting. Listen to the new song from Lo &

But turn on Leduc once!

“Tribute” – The video for the song:

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