Lyrics Phum Viphurit – Adore


Lyrics Phum Viphurit – Adore

The clouds are changing.
The storm, she’s coming. Quick, hide.

But who needs the shelter,
when you are by my side.

You had me at hello
you caught me by surprise.

Oh how I, lost my senses,
when i met those hazel eyes.

Oh what a shame
we are parting ways
in a time set for us two.
If you should ask me
do I adore you,

I think you know I do
I think you know
I do do do do do do..

I’d build you castles
and endless daisy chains.
Mend all that’s broken,
For your love, I will regain.
(For your love, I will regain.)

This wind is cold.
Our love is old.
Do you remember?
Remember me.

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