NF – PRIDEFUL Song, Music, Singer, Release date, Review

NF, the American rapper and songwriter, has just released the official music video for his latest single, “PRIDEFUL” from his mixtape, “CLOUDS”. The song is an emotional and raw depiction of the artist’s struggles with ambition and self-love. It showcases his powerful and introspective lyrics, leaving the listener in awe of his talent.

This new project, “CLOUDS”, is the fourth mixtape from NF, which was released on March 26, 2021, and has already garnered a lot of attention from fans and music critics alike. The mixtape features guest appearances from several artists, including Hopsin, Tech N9ne, and Dax, among others. The project is a fusion of hard-hitting beats and poetic lyricism, further cementing NF’s reputation as an artist who speaks his truth through his music.

Listeners can enjoy the entire “CLOUDS” mixtape on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and SoundCloud. The music video for “PRIDEFUL” showcases NF’s visually stunning and artistic side while portraying the rawness of his lyrics.

NF has been known to be quite private about his personal life, but through his music, he reveals his struggles with mental health, loss, and personal relationships. His songs are cathartic and leave a lasting impact on the listener. NF’s unique style blends elements of rap, hip-hop, and pop to create a refreshing sound that differentiates him from other artists. His music is relatable and helps people, especially the younger generation who are struggling with mental health issues, to find solace and a sense of belonging.

Along with “CLOUDS” mixtape, the rapper is set to release his latest project, “HOPE” on April 7, 2021. As always, this project is expected to be a reflection of NF’s experiences and will showcase his vulnerability as an artist. Fans and critics are eagerly waiting for the release of “HOPE”, and it’s expected to be yet another masterpiece from the talented rapper.

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