NMIXX 1st EP ‘expérgo’ Concept Book: Et īris super Song, Music, Singer, Release date, Review

K-Pop fans, get ready for the latest sensation from JYP Entertainment – NMIXX’s ‘expérgo’! This up-and-coming group lands in the industry with a bang, bringing their unique mix of vocals, visuals and dance to their debut EP. And to top it all off, they are accompanied by a visually stunning concept book, Et īris super #해원 #HAEWON.

‘expérgo’, Latin for ‘I cleanse’, is the perfect title for NMIXX’s brand new EP. The six-member group has worked hard to showcase their musical prowess and talent in their debut album. And with their unique blend of pop, R&B, hip-hop and electronica, ‘expérgo’ is set to be a game-changer.

But NMIXX isn’t just about the music. The group has gone above and beyond to create a complete package with their concept book, ‘Et īris super #해원 #HAEWON’. The book is packed with stunning visuals and imagery, complimenting their music and taking the experience to the next level.

The idea behind the concept book is to capture the essence of NMIXX’s debut EP. From the vibrant colours to the intricate details, everything in the book is designed to reflect the group’s unique style and sound. The book takes cues from the album’s title, portraying a sense of ‘cleansing’, a fresh start for the group as they enter the competitive world of K-Pop.

But what’s the significance of the hashtag #해원 #HAEWON? This is the name of the group’s visual member and dancer, who has been instrumental in bringing the concept book to life. The book is a celebration of her artistic talent, and the hashtag serves as a shout-out to her contributions.

Aside from the EP and concept book, ‘expérgo’ also offers a host of pre-order and pre-save options. You can head over to the official NMIXX YouTube channel to check out their latest offerings. Make sure to follow them on social media to keep up with all the latest news and updates.

NMIXX’s ‘expérgo’ EP and concept book are set to be a massive hit in the K-Pop world. With their unique sound, stunning visuals, and talented members, this group is sure to make its mark on the industry. And who knows, with ‘expérgo’ being just the beginning, there’s no telling what NMIXX has in store for us in the future.

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