Porter Robinson – Blossom Lyrics

Porter Robinson Blossom Lyrics

I was so lost in thought, but you were there living
You′ve taken me with you

Can I slow the days? I wish that I’ll find the faith
I’ll die and I′ll save your place, and you′ll never suffer
We’ll stay together
Oh, it′s not alright, that one day we’re all out of time
I′ll write you another life, I’m sorry for crying
It′s just that I love you
“One day” can’t be far enough

I had lost my sight
So you sang to me the beauty you’d been seeing
If I can′t stop time
I′ll build a world where God cannot take us
There’s no need to think of time

But then you said, “Don′t think of the time that’s left
You′re spending it in your head, I just want you laughing”
I’m sorry for crying, I just want you happy

So at last, goodbye
I′ll be happy just to have known you
And we wished each other well

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