Puscifer Bullet Train To Iowa LYRICS

Puscifer Bullet Train To Iowa LYRICS

Say bye bye. Kneel down, yield, pray, and kiss the ground.
Gonna be awhile before we touch back down.
Ain’t no turning back. Like a train sprouting wings, fuck the track. Hello, Sky!
I’m all aboard this surprise locomotion.
Oh my. Oh well. Guess I’d better just enjoy the ride.

My oh my.
Grinning & chatty tapestries and tile.
I’ll try to keep this conversation light. May be up all night.
I surmise there might of been Iowaska hiding in the water and wine.
Looks like I’m about to take the bullet train to Iowaska soon.
Well, all right.
Ride. Ride.

Choo Choo Choo

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