Rashtriya Tiger Lyrics – Johan Bastin | Girinavilu album song

Rashtriya Tiger is Sung by Supriyaa Ram. Lyrics is written by Abhinandan Deshpriya and music is composed by Raghavendra.V.This video song is officially uploaded in Anand Audio youtube channel. Rashtriya Tiger song lyrics. Rashtriya Tiger Supriyaa Ram. Rashtriya Tiger Master Mind movie song. Rashtriya Tiger  Anand Audio. Rashtriya Tiger Lyrics in english. Rashtriya Tiger Lyrics Kannada song.

Rashtriya Tiger Song Credits :


Abhinandan Deshpriya

Rashtriya Tiger Lyrics 

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Here is also the video of the song for you uploaded by Anand Audio –

Rashtriya Tiger Song Video

  Lyrics: Abhinandan Deshpriya Singer : Supriyaa Ram  Music : Raghavendra.V

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