real dope world – toluwalase! lyrics

real dope world – toluwalase! lyrics

verse 1 (real dope world):
been off the grid like a broken phone
since you walked outta my life, it’s been a broken home
can’t+keep+count, of how many ones i lost
but tell god when you see him that i wanna go toe+to+toe (step up bro)

oh+oh it’s the devil i think
they say the good die young & that’s the reason i sin
family hurts deep, that’s the reason i bleed
and my blood is, running outta reasons to live

i remember when you said you gon’ hold it down
you said it, and yes you did it in & out of town
on lonely nights when it felt like, i’d really drown
you was standing next to me, thеre with your litty crown

sh+t, i’ll put your name on t+shirts & billboards
coz when you wеre down and out, girl you still fought
still smiled and put smiles on our faces
i’ll take you round the world, put your name in new places

interlude (sult+n+lli):
death! what is your glory?
separating loved ones and making life such a sad story
coldness! is all you bring
and a deep pain that the mouth is unable to speak
a deep depression that no therapist can heal
how do i feel? how do i feel?
like my heart is being one+two+d, one+two+d by mike tyson
like i wanna pass out but i can’t
the headaches the hurt the pain
close my eyes and it feels like i’m losing my brain

death! what a waste of effort waste of talent and waste of greatness
waste of the years we put into making friends and handling business

verse 2 (sult+n+lli):
i promise not to shed tears while i’m writing this
nightmare of my life yh was really frightening
see your body turn cold disappearance of the soul
feels like edgar allan poe while i jot this tragedy

where do i begin? such a beauty queen perfect melanin
only 22 but seen what we neva seen
remember you’re the one that saved me from k!lling me when i wasn’t feeling me life really a pot of beans

how did we go from the doctors tryna fix your bones
to me holding on to your phone ignoring calls
its sucks the first time dope and i would make a song
is about the great memories of you now that you’re gone

hurts to remeber but never will forget
how you give the shirt off your back and wouldn’t break a sweat
someone wake me from this nightmare bawo loshey je
guess we can’t question god coz toluwalase

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