richmurd – its gone man lyrics


its a different its a different
every year its a different story
we feel like we losing people that we love the most
let me tell a story i just i hope you ready
i have been through a lot ready
i have been through up and down hope you ready
everybody knows my name so i won’t do
no intro like m the king
m about to take over with the machines
with the pain that m feeling inside today
i just wrote this song in an motional way
somebody help mе m about to die with these d+mn feelings
i been fusing with many pеople met many friend but i lost many friends
i been crying inside tryna change myself
i can’t stand the same
people tripping tryna stand the same but still
i can’t even be better for myself
met myself better in the school man
i remember i was going with my other friend
talking about life what we gonna be
as life goes on we just wanted down
smoking weed on the same man
drawing people life is too eish
other talking about the past
talking about the things that we did in the school
now its all past we stuck in the same room
with my brother its gone
look m ma even afraid just to open the box
just wanna say my last goodbye man
you know the pain living inside in the chest man
feel like you dying but you still alive man
feel like little soul is just gone man
feel like you numb but you can’t let it go
look m just writing tryna tell a story
but i feel like i lost everything that i had
life that i had now its gone man
when m writing on these songs then i feel sad
depressed in my own mind
have a safe journey my friend
i remember when we were talking about careers and such things that we wanted to do
you said that you be good be great one day huh
keep that in your bill gate looking good huh
you be talking in everything we did huh
you gotta tell him boy you gotta go far huh
remember when you did all these sacrifices for me
you told me i just gotta go far
and m about to go far
just for you
go far i just hope that you really go far
yeah this is my stand out track
i just hope that you go far
they say never mix love with the feelings you may die young
keep on rapping man its a come back story
i be listening when you be talking to me
told me many things told me about life man
now looking at my self i be changing like rainy season you were there just to show me way i be feeling down drowning in this fears feeling lot of shy i just wanna get it by
they just want to catch you by

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