royce da 5’9″ – unreleased* lyrics

royce da 5’9″ – unreleased* lyrics

lyrics from snippet

[verse 1]
i instantly started to cry, like my b+tch will do
time in the prison, to me sounds kind of difficult
losin’ my mind to confinement is on my temple
while i’m gettin’ accused of a crime that i didn’t do
crime that i didn’t do
i didn’t do

it’s definitely [?] against me on this one (what?)
petty people is against me on this one (what?)
the devil is definitely on this one
i say the devil is against me on this one
they got my face on the evening news (ooh)
why they gotta play me like i am fool
my closе friends start to swtich views
convicted of a crimе that i didn’t do

[verse 2]
born gangsta, already [?]
always keep it automatic at my+
all i listen to is [?]
pound seller, i don’t barter, i don’t borrow never
i don’t argue, i don’t tongue wrestle
far as i’m concerned, p+ssy gon’ come
so i don’t ask for non’ sh+t, i just undress you
[?] same sh+t, bodies in the ditch
i don’t shop for clothes, i make n+ggas strip
i don’t lock and load, i just aim and cl!ck
i make sure my sh+t stay off the safety like [?] kids
you wanna test somebody? oh, this ain’t it
i k!ll everybody in this b+tch
i gotta go to court tomorrow for a cold case
over that time i took my shotgun, tied it to my other shotgun
and i k!lled that motherf+cker over road rage
with my homemade 24 gauge
all i do for fun is blow [?]
[?] go to gun rage with my arm braids
the perfect [?] n+gga, five minutes
it’s a wild feelin’ bein’ outta eye with the dia
knowin’ i did it

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