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Ho gadiyán de naam nai gináona chaunda main,

I do not want to impress you with fancy cars.

Laake páisa nede tere nahiyo aonaa chaonda mai,

Neither, I want to be close to you by showing-off money.

Hø kardá pyar bas ehi jaan da,

I love you from heart and only know that.

Bauhti shoshebaazi mere kolo kári jani nai,

I can’t pretend to be somebody else either.

Ho duniya te aisi koyi sheh ni jatiye,

There is no such thing in the world, dear.

Jedi tere kádman ch dhari jaani ni.

That I can’t bring to you.

Tere baáre jatti ehi soch rakhi aa,

I only have love for you.

Horan báare feeling tan rok rakhi aa,

And don’t have feelings of affection for anybody else.

Ho tere bare gáll metho jari jani ni,

I can’t bear if anybody says a word against you.

Teri safety de layi hi glock rákhi aa

That’s the reason I am having a gun for your protection.

Sade wich ayá jeda khoon choos lu,

Whoever comes between us. I shall take him down.

Gall teri koi virudh metho jari jani ni,

I can’t bear to hear anything against you.

Ho duniya te aesi koi sheh ni játtiye,

There is no such object in this world, darling.

Jehdi tere kadman ch dhari jani ni,

That I can’t present you.


Teri zindagi de muk jane sare jabb ni,

All the worries in your life shall come to an end.

Mere hundeya na rakhi tu køyi worry baliye,

You don’t have to worry about anything while I am here.

Jina chir jeyon sir utte karke,

As long as I live, I will live proudly.

Jeyon ghat bhawein jeewanga main khari baliye,

I may not live long but I will live with proud.

Tera Ellde Fazilka aa jit da shukeen

Your Ellde Fazilka (singer) is fond of winning,

Ainve ishq di bazi maithø hari jani ni,

And I can’t afford to lose in the game of love.

Ho duniya te aisi koi sheh ni jatiye,

Nothing in the world exists.

Jedi tere kadman ch dhari jaani ni.

That I can’t get you.

Jo vi tere dil aunda kar allrhe,

Just do, whatever you wish to, my love.

Mere hunda das kahda darr allrhe,

Why do you worry while I am present here?

Zikr Brar naiyø fayide chakda,

Zikr Brar (songwriter) doesn’t take advantages.

Lorh payi te jauga oh mar allrhe,

He shall die for you if it comes to it.

Cheti meri zindagi da adh ban ja,

Hurry dear, be a part of my life.

Duri tere jatt kolo jari jaani nai,

Your beloved can’t take the distances.

Ho duniya te aisi køyi sheh ni jatiye,

Jedi tere kadma ch dhari jaani ni,

In this world, there nothing that I can’t present to you, my love.

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