SKAT Lyrics – Tory Lanez

SKAT Lyrics – Tory Lanez feat. DaBaby

SKAT Lyrics by Tory Lanez is a Latest English Song of June 2021 from the Album We Outside Sung & Written By Tory Lanez feat. DaBaby. The music label is Tory Lanez.

SKAT Lyrics

(Okay / Okay / Okay)
(Yeah, yeah, okay)

Wrist so wet I might drown
Btch, don’t talk, you goin’ downtown (Okay) I done made 6 half for the whole week Plug want a player then I’m goin’ O.T. (Okay) I just made 457 on Wok I’ll hop in that Skat and I’m bendin’ your block (Okay) Ngga wanna scrap, well, then, let it go rock
My lil’ ngga got it, I bet he gon’ pop (Okay) I can make 10 on face no fillin’, 6 dot like Krillin I’m smoking gorilla (Okay) Couple of my nggas just caught that ngga that was runnin’ off Dawg, I know they gon’ kill him (Okay) Smokin’ on killer and taking your btch on a trip
And we f%cked on the floor of my villa (Okay)
I ain’t got time for two things, what?
These stupid ass h0es and they feelings, ayy (Okay)
All independent, my btches just call and they get it They know that this ballin’ authentic (Okay) Chocolate vanilla get hot so I hopped out the dealer I copped a new car and I tint it (Okay) Won’t lie, lil’ btch had a ngga down But now that I’m out of my feelings (Okay) I’ma stack the money so tall in the crib It be looking like the roof came out of my ceiling (Okay) Soon as I hop in I zoom Scoopin’ that bih like a spoon (Okay) I got this FN, it sing like that btch is in tune (Okay)
Look at his face when we walked in the room (Okay)
Ayy, 35 MAC 10s
Ayy, I’ll kill him he play with my back end (Okay)
Fckin’ that shorty and I’m makin’ her back bend After my nggas walk in, we tagged in, ayy (Okay)
Ayy, right off the bat
Shorty, she know that I’m black but I’ll Doja that Cat (Okay)
She wear that thong, I like them tights
Keep pullin’ that pu$$y to show that it’s fat (Okay)
Maybach to back with the double R
Copped the new Duffle, it came with the double star (Okay)
Then I put the trunk inside the front so when I’m backin’ up
I still front on every one of y’all n*ggas (Okay), it’s Tory

Hopped in the Skat, btch, I’m back, where have you been? (Okay) Fifty thousand dollars on my jack, goin’ stupid (Okay) Back outside, every time, it’s a new fit (Okay) Nggas love to lie, gotta tell ’em what the truth is (Okay)
Hopped in the Skat, btch, I’m back, where have you been? (Okay) Fifty thousand dollars on my jack, goin’ stupid (Okay) Back outside, every time, it’s a new fit (Okay) Nggas love to lie, gotta tell ’em what the truth is (Okay)

I whip wrap the Skat the same color the Lambo (Wrap it)
I pull up orange and brown, they both look like Reece’s (Okay)
I get in that mode where I fck nggas h0es (Mode)
And I break ’em off send ’em back home in pieces (Okay)
Got a btch from the 6, cut her off, don’t know how to suck d!ck (6) Had to smack her head, like, “Watch the teeth” (Okay) I be giving the Holy Ghost to hoes, they see me (Ah! Oh my God!) They get to passing out and screaming out, “Jesus!” (Okay) I’ma keep it real, I don’t really fck with polices (Woop)
I don’t know shit, when I see ’em, I’m speechless (Shh)
I don’t really wanna fck with rap nggas, they btches I’d would rather chill with my daughter and my nieces Acting like he love me, I don’t need no new brothers (Nope) I don’t want advice, ngga, keep it
Let a ngga touch me, I’ma have to show you somethin’ I’ma have your family talkin’ to the preacher I’m not affiliated with no gang But my Rollie face blue, look like it’s out the freezer (Vewm) I’m makin’ nggas’ btches say my name She ain’t know how to fck so Baby had to teach her
Oops, I ain’t mean it (Oops), I put it on her face
And gave her an all white towel so she could clean it (Ew)
I’m Baby Jesus, sometimes I wear it once and give it away
Sometimes I hit the cleaners (Go!)
Who wanna get knocked out?
I’ma come burn a ngga, hot sauce I’ma hoo, knock a ngga socks off
‘Bout to cop a new drop, take the top off
Should I go get the ‘Vette or the double R?
My momma gon’ say, “God damn, that’s another car” (Damn)
I got so many square feet inside of my mansion
There room in the bed for every one of y’all
Like fck it, let’s have a sleep over Got your btch suckin’ d!ck, got her deep throatin’
No, we ain’t doin’ shows ’til Corona over
‘Bout to take the trap back over, we open
I can make 50 songs ‘fore the week over
Keep your btch ass asleep if you sleep on me Tryna figure which car I’ma drive today Hit the gas ’til they call the police on me Yeah, btch, I…

Hopped in the Skat, b*tch, I’m back, where have you been? (Okay)
(Chorus / Hook)

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SKAT Song Details:

🎶 Song – SKAT – Album We Outside
✍ Writer(s): Nils, Foreign Teck, Tory Lanez & DaBaby
🎤 Singer – Tory Lanez feat. DaBaby
🎬 Produced by Nils & Foreign Teck
🎬 Directed by Christian Breslauer, Edited by Tory Lanez
🎧 Music Label – Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez – SKAT Music Video:

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