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Movie Review: The Missing Windows

The Missing Windows is a slow, dark, and quiet film that requires a specific environment to be fully appreciated. As a new mother, I had a difficult time finding the right setting to watch this movie, but I managed to do so over two naps. Living in a cave-like apartment without much sunlight allowed me to create the perfect dark atmosphere to view the film.

Directed by Malik Vitthal, The Missing Windows takes place in 1995 and follows two children who wake up in the middle of the night to find their father missing and all of the windows and doors in their home vanished. The film has an artistic and original concept that may not be suitable for all audiences but is worth watching for those who appreciate minimal dialogue and subtle storytelling.

Despite the claims that “nothing happens” in this movie, I found there to be much more going on than people led on. The artistic and original concept of the film was effective, and the limited dialogue was sufficient in telling the story. Jump scares were unexpected but appreciated, adding to the film’s overall creepiness. The first scary scene was particularly traumatic, while the later ones were predictable.

The Missing Windows has a fever dream-like quality to it, with bizarre and spooky scenes that maintain a tense atmosphere. However, there are scenes that are repetitive and not as effective, filling in the gaps between the scary scenes. The effect of graininess and darkness adds to the film’s overall creepiness, but at times, it may strain your eyes.

The film’s length of an hour and forty minutes could have been shortened to an hour and twenty minutes, making it more effective as a short film. Nonetheless, this movie is worth watching for lovers of minimal dialogue, subtle storytelling, and unique artistic concepts.

Overall, The Missing Windows is a scary movie that requires the right environment to be fully appreciated. If you’re looking for something that’s both original and creepy, this film delivers on those qualities.

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