texako – stay lyrics



waiting for you to stay
for a long time

baby i just pulled up in a benz
i’m just tryna get to know you
give a f+ck about your friends
they said that you feeling me
so i know that i could get in
call my number when [?]
you gotta take your time on it
but i think it’s time, love
know i’m riding in this jag
yeah i pulled off
all this codeine fall up out my bottle
it is not soda
f+ck this n+gga complaining about this b+tch?
like, i do not want her
knock a n+gga head off his shoulders
feel like i’m playing pop warner
pop warner
how did i pop?
i’m in the pot
how much you got?
b+tch i got a lot
i’mma just chop a little off the top
forever in my heart baby you gon stay with me
i swear to god, it ain’t no games that you could play with me
love, love, love, love, love
for a long time

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