The Cameras of the Motorola Edge of 2021 Are Filtered

A few days ago, information about the new Motorola Edge models, which this time seemed to be nothing more and nothing less than four models. The code names for these devices will be Motorola Edge Sierra, Berlin, Berlin NA, and Kyoto. Leaving serious doubts about what they will bring us, although now it is known what all the Motorola Edge cameras will be.

These new members who come to succeed the Motorola Edge Y Motorola Edge +, receive an important evolution in their cameras, trying to continue improving some high-end devices that already last year in their presentation began to demonstrate what Motorola was capable of. A change in design and trend compared to what we see in the mid-range has made them make a difference, and it seems that the trend will continue on this path.

Motorola is encouraged with 108 Mpx and versatility.

The big smartphones and which would be focused on being the top of the range in this year 2021, will be known as Motorola Berlin and Motorola Berlin NA, which have been known to share 108MP camera signed by Samsung. However, in the rest of the cameras of these two models, Motorola changed the plans, and in one of them, it integrates a 16 Mpx wide-angle lens, while in the other 8 Mpx. In addition, they will also have depth sensors with 8 Mpx and 2 Mpx, respectively.

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A significant increase in Mpx, contact with which the previous generation had a 64MP main lens and now looking for a higher resolution, keeping the option of Samsung lenses. The Motorola Edge + had an OIS stabilizer, so at least one of these versions also expected it.

As for the Kyoto model, a 108 Mpx camera is also expected to be found by the data revealed, which makes us think of Motorola Edge models, Motorola Edge +, and a new Motorola Edge LitHowever, other her specifications such as the screen, the battery, or the processor have not been revealed, and Motorola is keeping this data safe. The only thing that seems certain is that Android 11 will be inside if you do not wait for the presentation of Android 12.

When will the Motorola Edge be presented?

Motorola usually marks the renewal of its ranges year after year. Notably, the original Motorola Edge saw the light in April 2020. So there should not be much left to know them officially. However, problems with chip supplies and the manufacturing process could have been key in this delay over the Motorola Edge, 2021Although these first leaks make us very attentive to what is to come from Motorola.

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At the time of presentation, we will know their prices, of which for now we do not have any data and it is not easy to know if they will be around 599 euros than the cheapest version that was released in Spain last year.

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