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“Get Up On Your Feet” – A Look Into Workplace Dynamics

Vaibhav Bundhoo’s VS42 has brought to light a common workplace scenario where interns are often overlooked and undervalued. Through the short film, we witness the trials and tribulations of a group of interns as they navigate their way through the corporate world.

The main protagonist, Lily, faces constant reprimand from her superiors, Sugandha and Ridhima, for not living up to their expectations. However, it is Viveka, the new intern writer, who becomes the target of ridicule when she is unable to provide satisfactory ideas for a project.

The film highlights how interns are often given menial tasks such as ordering lunch, taking notes, or even buying personal items for their superiors. While these tasks may seem insignificant, they take up a considerable amount of time that could be spent on learning new skills or contributing to the company.

The film also touches upon the issue of punctuality, where interns are expected to arrive on time and work long hours, while their superiors can leave whenever they please. Furthermore, interns are often subjected to unnecessary personal criticisms and ridicule about their private lives, which has nothing to do with their work.

The message of “Get Up On Your Feet” is clear – interns play an essential role in the workplace, and their contributions should be valued and recognized. While interns may be inexperienced, they can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table, which can benefit the company in the long run.

Overall, the short film is a thought-provoking representation of modern-day workplace dynamics and emphasizes the importance of treating all employees with respect and dignity, regardless of their status. By doing so, companies can create a positive work environment, where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

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