“The Menu”: A Thought-Provoking Culinary Thriller – Movie Review

Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas recently hosted screenings of a new film called The Menu. The film tells the story of a group of self-professed food lovers, food critics and an actor who all travel to an exclusive island to be served a special meal by one of the world’s greatest chefs, played by Ray Fines. Once the meal begins, the guests soon learn that they are part of a disturbing plan.

The film offers a satire of the food and chef industry, as well as food critics and enthusiasts. It takes shots at just about everyone involved in the industry, offering a multi-layered intellectual experience for viewers. However, the film is also very funny and features excellent performances from the actors, some of whom improvised many of their lines, including Nicholas Holt and John Leguizamo.

Ray Fines also shines in the movie, delivering a portrayal of a highly intimidating chef that is meant to be feared by guests. The film is not a typical horror-comedy and defies categorization, making it a truly unique cinematic experience.

The film’s director, Mark Mylog, delivered a great Q&A session at Fantastic Fest and revealed that many of the film’s sequences were improvised by the actors, making the film feel authentic and fresh.

The Menu has quickly become one of the festival’s favorite movies and is worth seeing, both for its intellectual content and its excellent performances. The film is a game-changer for the horror-comedy genre, and it is hoped that it receives ample support from audiences.

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