“The Top 10 Must-Watch TV Series for English Language Learners”

As an English learner, it can be overwhelming to choose which TV series to watch in order to improve your fluency. There are so many options available, and it can be hard to determine which series will be the most helpful for your particular goals and level of English proficiency.

Fortunately, Ethan, a real-life English fluency coach, has compiled a list of the best TV series to learn English with in 2020. Ethan is an expert on the topic, as he loves watching TV series and has personally watched all of the series on his list.

One of the series on Ethan’s top ten list is Stranger Things, which can be found on Netflix. This entertaining series is a perfect choice for English learners who want to watch a unique show with a young cast and a thrilling plot that includes comedy elements. Season 3 definitely did not disappoint, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of season 4.

Another great series on the list is Rick and Morty, an animated show that can teach valuable scientific vocabulary while keeping viewers laughing out loud. However, Ethan cautions that Rick and Morty’s humor can be dark and offensive, so it is not for everyone.

Surprisingly, Ethan has included Friends, an old series from the 90s, in his list of must-watch series for 2020. Although it may seem outdated, Friends has not lost its relevance, and Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and the lead singer of BTS have all expressed their love for the show. Watching Friends can also give English learners a taste of everyday English used in the 90s.

In conclusion, choosing the best TV series to learn English with can be a complex decision. Fortunately, Ethan’s list provides a variety of options that suit different goals and levels of English proficiency. By watching these series and utilizing fun lessons like the ones offered by Ethan’s channel, English learners can greatly improve their comprehension and confidence in the language.

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