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Unspeakable: The Films of Tod Browning – A Retrospective of a Pioneering Filmmaker

Tod Browning was a pioneer in the world of filmmaking whose works continue to inspire and influence filmmakers even today. His unique vision and perspective have made him a cult icon in the world of cinema. To honor his work and his legacy, a retrospective of his films titled Unspeakable: The Films of Tod Browning is being presented at various locations, consisting of 17 films presented nearly exclusively on 35mm, running from March 17 through 26.

The retrospective will be a treat for cinephiles, giving them the chance to revisit some of Browning’s most celebrated works. From 1925’s The Unholy Three to 1935’s Mark of the Vampire, the retrospective covers a range of genres, including horror, drama, and mystery.

The Unholy Three is a crime film featuring a trio of carnival performers who set out to steal from their unsuspecting customers. The film stars Lon Chaney in one of his most captivating performances. Meanwhile, Mark of the Vampire is a horror film about a vampire who terrorizes a small village. This film features an ensemble cast, including Lionel Barrymore and Bela Lugosi.

What sets Browning apart is not just his films, but also his unique way of approaching his subjects. He often took risks and explored the darker side of human nature, which was rarely represented in mainstream cinema. For example, his film Freaks, made in 1932, is a masterpiece of horror that features actual carnival performers as the characters, showcasing their lives and struggles.

The retrospective is a perfect opportunity for viewers to experience Browning’s singular vision and style. The 35mm presentation adds an extra layer of authenticity to the experience, allowing viewers to truly appreciate the skill and artistry of Browning’s filmmaking.

The retrospective wouldn’t be complete without mention of Browning’s legendary collaborations with Lon Chaney, which produced some of the most iconic films in cinema history, including The Phantom of the Opera, in which Chaney delivered one of his most unforgettable performances.

In conclusion, Unspeakable: The Films of Tod Browning is a must-see for any cinephile or anyone interested in exploring the darker side of human nature through cinema. Browning’s vision and groundbreaking films continue to inspire and influence filmmakers almost 100 years later, making this retrospective a truly unforgettable experience.

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